Beer Pong and Flip Cup

The most well known and most used game at the University of Virginia and across the college sphere is beer pong. There are two teams and both teams set up red solo cups with alcohol in them in a triangle formation on opposite sides of a table. Both teams are on separate sides of the table. You then take a Ping-Pong ball and try to make it in the cups opposite of you. If you make it in the cup the people on the other team have to drink the alcohol that’s in the cup. The goal of the game is to make the ball in all of the other teams cups before they make them in yours. [1] One participant of the beer pong game that I was watching actually said that she “purposefully miss because [she] want[s] to get drunk before we leave for the game.”[2] Beer pong can become extremely competitive because you want to try your best not to lose.

Another game that I saw a lot of was called flip cup. You have 2 teams and line up cups filled with alcohol for however many people there are on both teams. 1 player on each team can go at a time and the player drinks all of the alcohol and proceeds to place the cup right-side up on the side of the table and flip the cup to upside down position. Once the cup is flipped the next person on the team can go and it is a relay race.[3] This is popular at tailgates because “it is an easy to set up game and it can get you drunk fast if your team continues to win and stay in”[4]. This game brings a lot of energy to the tailgates because the teams are trying to move at a fast pace so they can finish before the other team does.

There are many more games that are played, both drinking and non-drinking games, at tailgates, but another purpose of them besides getting drunk is to raise the competitive nature of the participants. It is suppose to get them in the mood to watch their team play and hopefully win. These games are just another way to help fans become more prideful in their nation and go out during the game and cheer and support their football empire.


[1] “Beer Pong Rules – House/Party/College Rules.” BPONG,

[2] Fieldwork: 11/04/17, Virginia vs. Georgia Tech pregame, house, 1204 Wertland St. Charlottesville, VA 22904


[4] Fieldwork: 11/04/17, Virginia vs. Georgia Tech, Scott Stadium, 1815 Stadium Rd. Charlottesville, VA 22903

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